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Default Re: The Green Hornet

"It's something that Evan would constantly have to remind me of throughout the process, in that this is kind of exactly what we thought would happen. From the second we thought of doing a movie like this, I remember talking about it like, 'Everyone's going to think it's going to be insane and terrible and we'll just have to keep our heads down and make it, and then it'll come out and then people will slowly see that we weren't nuts and that it was actually a good idea.' "

"As you get wrapped up in it, as there's two years of time where people are saying how bad it is, without having seen anything, it does get frustrating and, ultimately, just disappointing, more than anything. You look at these outlets that, as a comic book nerd, I kind of respected at times and thought were interesting voices just say things that are insane and completely uninformed and uneducated and based on no reality whatsoever, and it's kind of like, 'Oh, that's disappointing. I thought these guys were cool.' But they're not. They're just like everybody else."

"It is nice that people actually have to base their assumptions on the movie now and not just what they think the movie is going to be like."

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