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Default Re: Which villain(s) should the reboot start with?

At some point I really want to see Deadshot being caught by Batman and maybe Captain Boomerang being caught by the Flash in a Flash movie setting up for the proposed Suicide Squad movie.

Another "villain" I'd like to see at some point is Batman's addiction to the Venom steroid loosely based from what I feel is the underrated classic Venom story from the original Legends of the Dark Knight series. I think that after the Justice Leage (hopefully) comes out Batman could feel guilt and inferiority and failing to save a child who drowns to death.Being percieved as the "weak link" of a team of super powered being could eat away at him. Becoming addicted to the drug and eventually kicking the habit could make a powerful movie that keeps the focus on Batman without risking a villain in the more traditional sense potentially overshadowing him. Penguin,Black Mask or Rupert Thorne could serve as the central villain in the traditional sense. Killer Croc could serve the physical challenge for Batman after swearing off using Venom again.

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