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Default Re: HOT!!! New Interview w/ Bryan Singer! (August 20th)

Originally Posted by JustABill View Post
Nope. You're a massive Jean film in denial because of her portrayal in Last Stand. Alot of people who saw that were saying things like ''Oh, I hated to see Jean do those things."

Jean is recognizable by the GA now. I'm so sorry, but she WOULD have helped this film way more than Beast, Xavier, Magneto, and Mystique. There's no one in this movie that will draw a GA audience members attention.
No, I am NOT in denial. Why would I say that about I character I love. If anything it bothers me that most people feel that way despite what I felt was a decent attempt at showing she was not in control.

I search twitter multiple times a day every day (that's how I continue to find most scoops on the film) and I constantly read people say things like "Watching X-Men 3, damn Jean is a *****" or "God, I hate Jean in X3".

The fact is, Wolverine and Storm where the heavy hitters of the first three films and the characters used in all promos. Obviously neither of them would ever be in a proper first class any way. To say that Jean and Scott, two characters who weren't all that present in the trilogy) somehow have a bigger presence than Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, or Beast is silly.

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