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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
That's the issue, what's the sense of bringing in all this talent if you refuse to pay for it after they give you successful movies? What good is it if Cheadle, Hopkins or Renner walk after 1 movie because they aren't getting paid? Or so many changes are made to the movie, nobody feels comfortable with it anymore? Keep doing that a few more times and who's going to be left to work with? No actor or director worth anything is going to sit there and let the studio mismanage the project, or worse, refuse to pay them what their worth? Would you take a pay cut for no reason?
There is nothing to base this off of though. Howard clearly wanted too much money and they weren't going to overpay for a smaller role. We don't know about the Norton situation, but it's possible that he was behind these problems. Or at least responsible for part of them.

Aside from that, where are all the subtrations in these movies? They have done a good job keeping their talent aside from these two big instances. The Favreau thing is sounding more like he was drawn to a huge Disney project, which he probally is going to get paid alot of money for.

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