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Me? I don't really mind either way. Your proposal for it to be put under two categories works fine for me, the only thing that'd kind of mess with is our ability to be our own little corner of Hype - that sense of our own community is way easier to maintain with our own board. But at the same time, I do agree that it might be past time to forgoe the multiple categories and have every IC/OOC under the same section. Given that we're not running a 616 Marvel RPG right now, it wouldn't cause too much clutter to do that and we'd actually seem more like RPG boards that I've seen all across the web.

At the very least, I'd consider cleaning out the boards we already have if for some reason we couldn't move back into the Comics boards or get ourselves a space under Fan-Fiction. The only problem with the latter is that we'd have to have two boards, and that might not sit too well with the powers at be to move it into an existing section. I'll see about it and figure out if there are objections on the side of the admins.

Though I want to get everybody's take first before taking action. I won't vote on the poll either way until we've heard from most of the active players.

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