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Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
If you can convince the mods to let us back into the Comic Books section under our own forum, that's great.

I also agree about combining the conversation threads. Do we really need Flagons, Soapbox, Bulletin Board *coughtwycreateditcough*, the tons of birthday threads, and what not?
I don't see why the Mods would. MB would have to spin his magic well There've been two other RPG sections before this, all at the bottom of the forum and they're defunct now. EML's is before my time, but Mixie moved his off forum, it was pretty slow anyway. They're going to figure, we have a section and should be grateful for that without fussing about where it is.

At the time it was handy and who created the Soapbox, why isn't he getting blamed?

Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
As for using the UserCP, that's not going to help newbies find things.

And having just one thread for approvals and ideas means that they'll just get lost in previous pages. And no newb, or even regular, is going to search through it to see if there's an idea they like.

I'll hold off on saying a refresh isn't bad until I see how DC does it
Just a suggestion in terms of over simplification. If we're going to require more than one forum in the Comics Section it seems to defeat the purpose of simplifying for new people. Having to visit two forums instead of just one?

Go go DC!

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