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Default Re: Mary Jane Watson Cast, New Villain Rumor for Sequel - Part 1

Originally Posted by spidergeek232 View Post
Here's an idea! What if they have Osborn able to transform, but its not all out Ultimate version.

What I'm saying is all that would happen to him physically is lose his hair, skin turns green, pointy ears, side teeth become a bit sharper, eye color turns to yellow, etc.

He would have the modern classic costume as well as his glider and other gadgets.

But knowing most people, you guys might still rage.
That sounds cool. I could see that. My wish is that for (most) of the upcoming villains that they do, I wanna see full on live action. I sorta understand what they did with the lizard and it being all CG. But I wanna see real Andrew in suit, fighting real Jamie Foxx/whoever as Electro. Same with Green Goblin.

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