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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Guys I was fortunate enough to catch my first viewing of IM3
Keep in mind i saw the first 2 trailers, avoided tv spots, and knew the plot twist:
That being said here is my review

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
This pretty much sums up my reaction to the movie:

First things first, this movie is as good as the Avengers! 10/10 and this is coming from a die-hard Thor fan.
Tony's character development was surprisingly great and even better than IM1. The panic scenes were awesome and added little more flesh to Tony, RDJ is Tony Stark and that guy knows how to act.
The action sequences were spectacular with more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, which I absolutely loved. The humor was just perfectly handled, don't understand where the overdoing of humor is coming from. This movie handles the whole TDKR plot of hero being absent to recuperate part better imo (my only TDKR reference)

Now the most important part: The Plot Twist
The twist happens half-way through the movie, and I was completely disgusted and angered by "Mandarin" reduced to a comedian. The whole scene of Tony talking to kingsley's character threw me off. But i knew about the plot twist beforehand, so i was not that angry but more disappointed.
And Then this Scene happened:
When Killian defeated Stark in the 1-on-1 fight in the finale, he stood over the pillar and said: "I'm the Mandarin" with the extremis glowing his dragon tattoos, in a pose just like the pic below

At that moment I completely forgive the plot twist, not to mention Extremis Mandarin/Killian is very menacing, (now I am worreid about Zod in MoS)

The only cons I could find are nitpicky stuff that actually could make this movie better than the Avengers and they are:
-The whole Mandarin fake reveal scene should be altered, Ben kingsley was so comical in that scene it threw me off. its probably what caused the only negative reactions.
-Pepper was awesome at the end with Extremis, but I kinda wished Tony finished off Killian than Pepper. But completely satisfied with the prodigal son "killing" Killian.
-I was a little bothered by the fact that Tony just said that he cured Pepper in a monologue, basically shrugging it off, could have added more to it.
-The scene were Maya asks Tony for the solution to the overheating problem of extremis when Tony is caught only increased my hope for Extremis infused Tony. But sadly that didn't happen.
Here is hoping that Tony makes a better version of extremis in Avengers 2.
-Rebecea Hall's potrayal of Maya was very touching, but sadly she had only very few scenes, and her character was just filler for someone who invented extremis. Wasted potential there.
-Kingsley's character was only releavant the first 10mins, again wasted potential. Don't understand why they even bothered with casting Kingsley.

There it is guys, just the best trilogy ending out there (at least for me). Also I loved the Avenger references, especially with Killian referencing Thor.
I want to make a lot of comparisons with TDKR, not because it was a similar movie, but because it shared a lot of the story elements.
The issues with TDKR were properly handled in IM3. I am glad they brought in the plot twist halfway through the movie rather than the end and I loved the send off Killian got (even with Pepper doing it).
All the characters shined in IM3, even Hansen (Hall's acting was great, Hansen should have gotten more screentime), and Jarvis was awesome especially during the Mansion attack scene. (saving Tony and its conversation with him, "take a deep breath sir" probably the best thing Tony invented) Also loved the kid helping Tony through his anxiety attacks. ("You are a mechanic right?" - the scene almost brought me to tears). Even James Badge Dale and Favreau was at their finest. I even sympathized with Killian

Now the post credit scene, It was awesome. With all that has happened in IM3, we find that the entire movie is narrated by Tony to Bruce/Hulk/Ruffalo which was a nice touch. Also DONT WATCH IN 3D, IT RUINS THE ACTION SEQUENCES
It was a great scene but didn't really move the Phase 2 foward. But that doesn't matter, cuz if this is the quality we are getting for phase 2, then oh boy
my body won't be able to handle Avengers 2.

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