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Default Re: Where should the Maximoffs appear first?

I'm more curious how the Marvel movies will introduce them all together (along with which movie).
Will they be former terrorists who worked for their father Magneto? Will they be mutants? Or will their father not be mentioned at all? Or will they not be mutants?
Maybe they will bring them in the way the Ultimates did, SHIELD agents who were back ups to the Avengers, but hidden because they are the children of a known mutant terrorist.

(also, if they are in this I hope that means Beast can be too. I always liked him as an Avenger.)

Of coarse I'd rather see Ant Man and Wasp in the Avengers first, but I also love these two as Avengers.
(And if they went with my idea of rotating the roster and slowly introducing the Young Avengers, we could end up with Wiccan and Speed at some point.)

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