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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13 - Part 3

Originally Posted by Ksb36 View Post
Well, I finally saw CW last night.

It gives me absolutely no pleasure to say that the character of Sharon Carter was poorly conceived, poorly cast and badly shoehorned into an already crowded film. Poor EVC looked terrible, frankly, with lank, stringy hair--whoever styled this character should be fired. The cinematography was terribly unflattering to her, the love story completely out of left field and unbelievable.

Why didn't someone take the time to fully realized this character? Why wasn't the casting more fully committed to? Why this actress? Why not make her look good, or give her something meaningful to do?

I am shaking my head. Maybe the Russos biggest failure is Sharon Carter.
i don't know much about TWS casting back then, but did EVC was casted as Sharon before Russos stepped in?
i agree with ur opinion, Russos failed to utilizes her from TWS till now, altough she was outstanding in CW in the little screentime she's got.We knew already Russos didn't favor EVC and Sharon's character, because they aren't aware or wasn't of cap's lore like M/M was and even choose BW who isn't a Cap supporting character to be the heroine of the movie.
if they don't liked EVC why don't they cast Hayley Atwell instead as Sharon?? Peggy and Sharon look identical in the comic and i can see Atwell will look stunning in different hairstyle and blonde hair color if she was casted as Sharon

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