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Default Re: Who saw the original movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by jdogg willie View Post
Didn't the VHS version cut a scene from the theatrical version where two Foot fought the Shredder for the bandana instead of Shredder just putting it on one of the Foot as it was shown on the VHS realease?

I know it was written in the movie novelization
Think that was just in the novel. I don't remember seeing that in theatres or on Vhs. I know a couple of scenes were cut or altered from the original released version. There is a scene in the comic book adaptation from Archie that showd Tatsu breaking a foot soldier's neck and killing him for making him look bad in front of the Shredder, while in the movie, he just beats him up. And the end of the Comic adaptation shows the cut scene where April and Danny go to a major comic book company and try to sell her sketches of the turtles she did at the farm, in hopes of it becoming a comic book, and the publisher turning her down saying that the concept was " too far-fetched", with the turtles looking on from outside the window.

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