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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
I completely agree. In their drive to make characters more special, writers often end up making them less special. There is so much emphasis on making characters "relatable" to the audience now, but who is easier to relate to than a hero who is completely human? The fact that Natasha and Clint have no superhuman powers and yet they go out and fight alongside gods and monsters makes them the most heroic and interesting members of the team, in my opinion. Changing that, unnecessarily adding on enhancements to their abilities, detracts from their appeal instead of enhancing it.
i disgree. for me thor was more relatable than any of the other avengers, including clint and natasha.

it's nothing to do with powers. just ignore all that. the key is what makes these superhumans "human". and thors plight, his struggles with his beloved brother who is causing so much pain, is much more compelling and "human" than any of the other characters. anyone with a sibling can relate to that. it's like your younger brother gets into a fight, do you back him up even though you know he started it? or do you turn against him?

when people look at these characters, these superheroes, and all they see are their amazing powers? they're doing it wrong. that isn't the point of marvel superheroes.

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