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Default Re: The Official Iron Man 4 News, Speculation, Images, etc

Robert Downey, Jr. Now Open To Doing "Iron Man 4"

It's starting to look like we might have Robert Downey, Jr. in "Iron Man" movies for some time to come.
The actor, without question the linchpin and most important and popular character in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, has appeared in three solo "Iron Man" films and one "Avengers" film to date.

Through 2018, Downey has only signed up for two more "Avengers" film, leading many to conclude that he was done with solo films starring the character.

However, he was quoted by Fansshare as saying that although he has hinted in the past that he might be ready to stop portraying Tony Stark in solo films, he has had a change of heart and that an "Iron man 4" is a distinct possibility.

He says he would be willing to continue in the role as long as the script was good enough.
He explained, "I would really hate for someone else to think they could step into my shoes. I know things are looking like that they could go on for a long while. As usual in my book, it's all about quality control and delivering a product that you can have this kind of reaction to. If they keep doing that, maybe I'll keep showing up."

There will eventually come a time when Marvel will have to replace Robert Downey Jr but it looks like we could still have him for a few more years yet. What do all of you think?

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