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Default Re: The Official Iron Man 4 News, Speculation, Images, etc

Originally Posted by Ironfan72 View Post
I agree with you, do not get me wrong, I am beyond thankful to have gotten 3 great Iron Man films, and if they did not do anymore than I would be ok with that, however, if a 4th film were to be made, than count me first in line.
With so many of shellheads rogues yet to be brought to the big screen, like Madam Masque, Spymaster, Ghost, Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser & Firebrand, I would be thrilled to see those translate to a film.
The Crimson Dynamo was already brought to the big screen. The movie version of Whiplash was really just the Crimson Dynamo with Whiplash's name.

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