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I have to disagree with that, Hippie Hunter. The Soviet entry into the war was a big factor (especially in accelerating the process) in Japanese surrender, but the atomic bombs (especially the second one) were a deciding factor, at least for Hirohito. If they dropped a bomb on Tokyo, it was game over for Japan (or at least the imperial family and the government). Japanese intelligence had gotten intel out of a tortured American pilot, who said they another bomb ready. The Americans were planning to nuke Tokyo only days after Hirohito's surrender.

The whole point of Nagasaki was to prove to Japan that America had multiple atomic weapons ready to deploy, since they thought some Japanese leaders might think the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was a prototype (which some did).

Nagasaki changed the whole mindset of Japan's ability to fight for better peace terms. The plan had been to let the Allies invade, and fight until the body count was so high that they would compromise. After Nagasaki, the Japanese military brass realized that the Americans could just bomb Japan into oblivion.

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