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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Hank McCoy was a key political figure. Yeah there are young studs in the White House, but it was pretty obvious that he had AT LEAST 5-10 years on the rest of the X-Men. He seemed like more a contemporary to Xavier than to Cyclops or Jean. I realize audiences won't get wrapped up in that, but again, what is the time frame they are working in here for a so called prequel? McAvoy probably has only a decade on these actors and that is fine with someone like Beast, but he has to have more than a decade on Jean and Cyke. That's just painfully obvious to me. Yeah the movie magic and makeup, but then why not go for a seasoned actor for Beast if he is eventually going to be the blue fur ball anyway? Of course they cast some like Alice Eve who is basically the same age as McAvoy so I am thinking Wolverine is definitely out the door. My thing is, even if Angel, Rogue and other characters that came later in the series don't show up here, I still think it can be a reboot that simply chooses not to recycle those characters.

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