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Default Re: Let's Talk Costumes?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Disagree on all accounts. What you see as chubby and old, I see as muscular, mature and distinguished. One of the biggest complains with Singer's Superman Returns, Snyder's Man of Steel and the failed David E. Kelley Wonder Woman TV show from general audiences is the extent of the changes they made to the iconic costumes of Superman and Wonder Woman. Half of the classic Justice League characters appeal for general audiences, many of whom don't read comic books anymore, is nostalgia. Also, on the Avengers the costumes are actually pretty faithful to the iconic looks of the characters for the most part, especially the looks of the most widely known members to general audiences: the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.
We're gonna have to agree to disagree. Those suits (reeves and Carter's) do look like Ross' work, but they'll feel soooo outdated and not taken seriously at all. The GA will be looking for something sleeker and with more substance. I LOVE the MoS suit, I think it looks perfect as a more serious, sleek and still faithful costume. I want the rest to be the same. And Wonder Woman is supposed to be wearing armor and gold, whereas carter wore some fake yellow stuff and it wouldn't look right anymore. We need a real armor, which is also part of the reason why the padiliki (sp?) costume looked like a pukefest. I'm thinking weta could do a great job with costumes.

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