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Default Re: Let's Talk Costumes?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
The first Captain America costume is extremely faithful to the comics.

The second Captain America costume is more altered.

The third Captain America costume is closer to the comics than the second costume, although not as faithful as the first costume.

I would pick Spider-Man 3 because I enjoy it more.
The reason why the first costume was an exact translation from the comics was because it was a USO costume. It was meant to be showy, impractical, and subject to ridicule. Steve clearly felt like an idiot wearing it, though he did come to recognize the symbolism it carried, hence elements of the suit's design being incorporated into his more practical uniforms.

With the exception of Reeve, direct translations (ie spandex) of comic book costumes tend to look pretty ridiculous on screen. It's hard for the general Joe Popcorn audience to take a movie seriously when the hero's running around in flashy tights. In addition, comics and films are two distinct mediums, and what works in comics won't always work in film.

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