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Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
As Filmnerdjamie and I were discussing earlier today, Super Bowl ads are more popular than ever. There are articles after articles talking about upcoming commercials and sites run them after the fact. Whether it be Doritos, Avengers, or Bud Light. Super Bowl ads have become part of pop culture.

It's the best way to reach the broadest of audiences. For the third time in as many years, last year's Super Bowl was most watched television broadcast ever.

Does it mean the movie won't succeed if they don't? No. I just think that is a missed opportunity to showcase the world's greatest hero.
Sure it's a missed opportunity, but I'm thinking WB doesn't feel it's worth shelling out that kind of money for one commercial when that money can be used for multiple ones at a later date and I doubt many people won't see MOS because they don't know it exists. Maybe, for now, it's company policy to not bother with Super Bowl ads for any film.

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