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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 5

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I think based on some things that I've seen Tom say about Loki, and hoping for some kind of redemption, that won't be the direction he's going in. Not that he'll ever be totally redeemed, he'll never be king of Asgard, he'll never be worthy enough to be able to pick up Mjolnir (I would be absolutely stunned if they had something happen where he could).

here is what I see happening for Loki, Loki starts out in prison, where Odin and/or Frigga spend some time talking to him (or someone does, and clearly Thor cannot get through to him so that leaves them), and we at least see the beginnings of that stone encasing his heart beginning to fall away again, and he's leveling off. Due to the upset in the realms, and Odin's continued weakened state, and Loki's knowledge of how to get from one place to another, they will have no choice but to ask Loki to work with them for a time, to get Thor and his gang where they are needed. In the process he may run into Malekith and/or Tyr, and it will appear he is working with them for his freedom. This report that Thor and Loki are on different sides of a big fight, makes sense to me since at some point he is likely to cross Thor and again, at least appear to be working with the baddies for a time. At some point Loki will double cross them too though, and help save Asgard (and maybe Odin and/or Frigga specifically). So in this way he'll be walking that line between good and evil and using his "mischief" for good in this particular scenario. But as always that will blow up in his face probably. He wont get what he wants, which is a free pass for his past crimes though, and he will be told he has to go back to prison. And at that point, he manages to escape and goes into hiding until either Avengers 2 or the next Thor. In Avengers 2, while I am thinking he may not be in much, if at all, I could definitely see him being captured by Thanos, and then trying to manipulate Thanos to get out of his punishment, which will likely again blow up in his face in some fashion. Where they go with him in Thor 3 I will be interested in seeing, but I do hope we dont see more of the rather cliche theme of the troubled villain has to die in order to redeem himself. I'm not so sure he really needs to ever be completely redeemed, I'm much more interested in seeing him walk the line, and I think that's much more interesting for Tom to play, than someone who is just gleefully running around committing villainy, no matter how heartbreaking the start of it was.
I don't want Loki's redemption yet.

And he won't be in Avengers 2 most likely

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