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Default Re: Vince Doesn't See Money in the Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by AntMan View Post
I will say it could be Bo's doing as he is very annoying on Twitter with the puns, so it could be his idea. Howevr, something tells me it could be a rare bad idea by the NXT bookers.

I'm not the biggest Bo fan, and I feel he's been overhyped on FCW and later NXT, but he's exceptional in some areas. He plays the face in peril extremely well in my opinion.
To quote a good friend of mine in Tumblr: "Bo Dallas’ face makes me upset. His voice gives me diarrhea."

But seriously, dude is still very green. This years Royal Rumble was in my home-state of Arizona and I attended the live fan axxess event. The only two guys that were over were Corey Graves and Adrian Neville(my personal pick to win it). When Dallas won, not that many reactions. When I attended RR he got zero reaction. But I can see why they put him in there and let him be in there for so long. Take the greenest guy you can find so he can learn his ways and pay his dues.

But he is a really good seller and plays a very nice babyface. I've just yet to be impressed by him.

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