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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

So I've been keeping track, and this movie was at 87% at 47 reviews, at 75% at 87 reviews, at 70% at 130 reviews, and now at 65% at 165 reviews, or something like that. It's basically averaging in the mid 50s aside from the first ~50 reviews that came from overseas reviewers. If it finishes with 220 reviews and the current trends, the final score will be 63%. If it finishes with 250 reviews and the current trends, the final score will be 62%. It could drop further if the final reviewers are biased by the dropping reviews and decide to gang up.

Either way, the people early in this thread who said that American reviewers like to poo-poo films were right. I thought they were making stuff up, but they were right. Does anybody know why this happens?

Is it possible Marvel deliberately released the movie overseas first to try and torque the reviews into a positive direction? I was absolutely shocked that it was released in Australia prior to being released in the USA.

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