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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
Oh lordy ....... My whole point in the discussion was that THE TOYS MEAN NOTHING... You're free to believe what you want but I've stated several reasons why your logic is faulty regardless of if you call it missdirection or not.

Yes. Marvel won't allow them to say a name of a spoiler character.... But there's still zero proof that Dr. Wu is based off of Lu . Just speculation because early reports said his name was Lu and would probably be RM that doesn't mean "he is"......

Im not attacking you, your logic is just faulty.
You fooled me because all I said is that Marvel don't use toys to mislead people and you post a whole list about toys they've used to "mislead" people...a list that was, as you say, logically faulty. If you were trying to make the point that they don't matter then you went about it the wrong way, no offense. I agree, that we shouldn't put that much weight behind a toy listing but it was just a side note in the speculation that RM could be in the movie in the first place. I wasn't putting my entire faith behind it, but if I'm going with the assumption that RM is going to be in the movie I would obviously mention everything we know surrounding the character possibly appearing in the film.

Either way, instead of constructively commenting on the outline I posted you chose to focus on a one line tidbit I mentioned at the end, which is disappointing to me.

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
Also... I find it incredibly stupid that a C list villain like RM would be under such serious spoiler protection when firepower and coldblood arnt , nor is kurse and his twin in Thor, nor is Falcon, Crossbones , or the return of Zola in Cap 2......... RM is far from being an integral villain in the MU and zero reason to keep him of all people under wraps.
This is a good point. But it could be because RM IS technically a bit higher in relevance than them and could have a bigger role in the film than them as well. It could also possibly hint at Ant-Man and A2 stuff as well, obviously.

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