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Default Finally a Hulk Franchise?

Is there any chance we can get Hulk going on a good foot now?

I really like Mark Ruffalo, I think he is close enough to the quality of serious actors Norton and Bana were but at the same time he does have that kinda fun-loving vibe about him that can hopefully make for a more human Bruce Banner.

I'm a Hulk homer. I don't know why, but he's the guy I'm always rooting for in this Marvel Universe, maybe it's cause he is the only one without a slam dunk film so far....

I'd really like to see a Hulk movie where the Leader is kind of in the shadows and the Leader experiments with Doc Samson etc and so it's Samson vs Hulk the whole movie, but at the end Samson chooses to fight with Hulk and they team together to take down Leader's giant robot crap but Leader ditches before we get a good look at him saving him for the sequel

something like that. Give Hulk an equal who is also a human physical enemy would be neat with Samson

Anyone have any thoughts on Hulk? I think it sounds like Ruffalo is interested in continuing the character at least. Which is nice

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