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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

I feel that too LS, but because white creators have routinely been unable to humanize black characters, having a history of being able to humanize black characters is a major plus for anyone working on Black Panther. If a white creator has shown that, it's a plus, if they're a black creator, they have that plus.

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I'm afraid we'll get a black director who'll strip T'Challa of his intelligence and sophistication--and then set out to BET-ize him by baptizing him in hip thuggery and commercialized ghetto fabulousity. And all because the suits will be afraid the film won't flourish with white audiences; hence the "need" to court the black urban audience with "the expected.".

There is a way to make this character regal, elegant, tough, street and relatable to all audiences without subscribing to every black stereotype known to media. I fear that a black director won't really *think* about how great an opportunity this is to basically create a trendsetting Barack Obama-meets-Bruce Wayne-meets-Batman for comic moviedom.
Isn't this what we usually get from white creators though? I think black creators, on the whole, have shown a tendency to trendset with black characters while white creators have used black characters to court the black urban audience. Now, I could see how you might fear that a black creator wouldn't have the clout to overcome the white executives pigeonholing into urbanity, but in my experience, black creators, left to their own devices, are far more likely to create Barack Obamas than white creators.

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