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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
I'll break it down for you even better now that I'm on my home computer instead of my phone.

I'm cool with a director that isn't black. I've even suggested Ang Lee and Peter Jackson for a BP movie. There are plenty of non black directors that could do the character justice. Just like how in the comics Black Panther has been written well by white writers in the past, and one of the portrayals I hate is from a black guy.

But if there is a black director I bet that they would give T'Challa his just due in terms of powers. We wouldn't have to worry about many limitations placed on the character because a black director would want to see that, and he/she would see the importance of him getting that shine instead of limiting him. That's one of the only things I liked about the Hudlin run up until he jobbed him out to Doom like a punk. Up until the female Panther gimmick got pushed Hudlin made sure that T'Challa kicked ass. He even had an interview where he talks about how he didn't like how T'Challa would get beat up a lot in the Jungle Action run. Even though I like that run I didn't like how T'Challa was basically that guy who overcame obstacles barely with a lot of help or luck. It's an inspiring story to have the hero overcome the odds that are stacked against him by reaching down and pulling himself up out of the fire, but it happened way too often.

One thing I noticed with a lot of black characters is that they have good powers, but there is always this "but" there that keeps them from being elite. Black Panther is this great king with great physical attributes and resources, "but" he's definitely not superhuman, and where he gets that limit no one minds when Captain America sometimes surpasses that limit he's supposed to be the benchmark for. Storm is very powerful, "but" she isn't an Omega level mutant, nor as strong as all of those damn Summers in the X-titles. Luke Cage is super strong and durable, "but" he's the weakest brick on Marvel Earth by a large margin. Blade has cool vampire powers that let him heal, "but" he's not on Wolverine or Deadpool's level in terms of healing factor. John Stewart is powerful as hell because he's a Green Lantern, "but" so are the other Lanterns. Spawn is powerful, "but" he's not really black anymore because he's burned and he's been replaced anyway.

Basically many black heroes seem to be limited by this glass ceiling type thing. That's not saying that white writers make them that way, or that white writers are racist. Hell Stan wrote Black Panther up very highly. I say Stan because when Kirby was writing the book BP was barely the star, and he just sort of got shocked at **** and occasionally punched something. But when black writers have written black characters they never put limits on them. Some of them might have the character do crazy stuff they shouldn't, but they never limit them. Just look at Milestone for instance. Static was powerful as hell. He wasn't some uber powerful god, but there were always moments when he did something amazing that showed off his skills. When Priest wrote Black Panther he did many an amazing thing. Grevioux probably wrote the most capable Night Thrasher yet, and that's saying a lot when you consider that Fabian Niceiza did a damn good job making him a bad ass in the 90s. McDuffie may get a lot of flack for that chicken wing armlock Black Panther put Silver Surfer in, but beyond that he has always written black characters without any silly limitations.

Once again, I'm not saying that it has to be a black director. If you gave me the power and money to make this movie there's a damn good chance that the director wouldn't be black. But one thing I bet a black director would do is make sure that there are no stupid Hollywood restrictions placed on Black Panther. Just think about what was said by that Marvel exec at Comic Con. He said that it was difficult to make Wakanda, but the ******** just fills the air because they're talking about doing a movie with a damn talking tree and a freaking talking raccoon. They've done a movie about space gods in a different realm with a damn rainbow bridge, but Wakanda is difficult? My cynicism won't let me just believe that Wakanda is this super hard place to portray. Those comments lead me to believe that Black Panther might be limited in his movie, and I want a director with some clout that would tell them that there is nothing wrong with T'Challa actually coming up with a cool plan and winning the day due to his brains and physical attributes.


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One thing that sort of brings this up is that I watched Safe House a few weeks back. I'm going to reveal some big spoilers here. In the movie Denzel dies while Ryan Reynolds lives and learns a big lesson from Denzel's character's actions. It made me think about how Denzel has had a few decently budgeted action movies with some good hype over the years, and in nearly every one of them he dies. I could understand Training Day since he was a corrupt cop, but did he really need to die in Man on Fire, The Book of Eli, and Safe House? In every one of those deaths he dies while his white co-star lives. Why can't they let the black man live? You think something like that would happen with Matt Damon? Even a middle level guy like Liam Neeson would probably survive if he were cast in those roles, but with Denzel it feels as if they're saying, "Alright. Y'all have had enough of the black dude winning. Time to kill him and let the white guy continue the journey now."
-Could y have Priest/Lee work together?
-How about Neill Blomkamp?

-James Cameron?

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