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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Borrowing from Lex Luthor: Man of Steel.

We are presented with a Metropolis in the process of being rebuilt. Most infrastructure has been returned to the city, but the centre of the city is still cordoned off. Lex Luthor has sponsored the rebuilding of Metropolis, with Wayne Industries vying to help get the city back on its feet.

Lex Luthor is giving a speech about the dangers of Superman. We see quite a few supporters of Lex, people who have lost loved ones due to the events of Man of Steel. Clark is in the crowd with Lois, getting a first hand feeling of the anti-Superman fervor. Lex Luthor believes that Superman is a danger; a rogue vigilante who is extremely dangerous. Unlike Gotham, Metropolis doesn't need vigilante, he proclaims.

He receives a call from one of the LexCorp scientists. A strange fragment of a radioactive substance was found in the center of Metropolis. Lex Luthor finds it interesting, "it's a piece of Earth that appears to have been fully tereformed" he is told. Luthor and his team decide to investigate the Indian site, the other place that was subject to the world engine. As they travel closer to the site, they find strange plants. From the same planet as the invaders, and Superman, it seems. They have grown from the tereformed soil of Earth. They travel further, and the plants are dying ... as they travel closer to the tereformed area, more of the Kryptonian life is dead. In the center there is a green glow. The same as that of the shard found in Metropolis. A Geiger counter explodes after being pointed at it, "No, sir, it's dangerous. You can't ...". Luthor ignores this person, and picks up one of the pieces of Krypton. He waves it around, seeing the Kryptonian life around him shrink and almost reel in pain as he got closer. He tells his team to put it in a container, and fly it back to Metropolis. He keeps a slither for himself.

That night he is meeting Bruce Wayne for dinner. They celebrate a successful reconstructive project. Bruce is a scruffy looking gentleman, swaying as he seemingly has had too much to drink. Lex Luthor, being a genius, is aware of Bruce Wayne's dual life. Bruce Wayne seemingly knows that Lex Luthor knows his identity. The discussion shifts to Superman. "He's a vigilante Bruce ... a vigilante that kills". Bruce's eyes become more serious. "We can't have him policing the world. Who is he to decide who lives or dies? If he'll kill one of his own, imagine what he thinks of us. If he thinks of us. To him, it might be like stepping on an ant". "What do we do about it" Bruce says somberly. Lex Luthor reaches into his pocket, for a lead lined container. He hands Bruce the container. "Our scientists think that this could stop him. I think that it would be in our mutual best interests if he was stopped".

Batman goes out that night to attract Superman. He fires an IR signal into the air, which Superman picks up on immediately. Superman looks at Batman, confused. "Wait, you're that nut from Gotham. I can't have vigilantism in my town". "Your town?" Batman replies "You're unchecked. You're dangerous. And you're willing to kill. I can't let you operate like that". Superman flies slowly to Batman "I don't want to have to stop you ... Bruce Wayne?". "You peeked" Batman replies, pulling a glowing green rock from his pocket. Superman keels over in pain, and Batman gives him a solid punch. Superman drops to he's knees, trying to deflect Batman's gadgetry while clutching at his chest. "Declare your loyalties" Batman says to Superman, who is lying almost unconscious. "If you don't, I'll have to put you down myself"

Lex Luthor begins building an anti-Kryptonian robot. Fueled by the reserves of 'Kryptonite' found in India, it is designated Metallo.


Well, more stuff happens. Batman and Superman team up to stop Luthor and 'Metallo'.

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