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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
That is not the same at all.

"Even if these guys swear to being thrashed by a giant Bat, we've got Falcone at the scene. Drugs, prints, cargo manifests. This Bat character gave us everything".

The greenest lawyer fresh out of law school could have put Falcone away on that amount of damaging evidence.
But the point is they wouldn't have any evidence without Batman.It's not like just anyone could've done that.To say Dent would be just as effective without Batman is a stretch.

The better analogy is like trying to say who deserves the more credit: The quarterback who throws a TD pass or the WR who caught it.Both needed to do their job to score.Batman did his and so did Dent.I don't see how Dent did or could do as much without Batman.

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