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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
It was more of an accomplishment than Batman ever achieved. Batman has never locked up half of the city's criminals. Yes, Batman gave Lau to Dent, but what you're saying is the equivalent to someone giving you an important study book to help you pass your final exams. It's useless in the hands of someone who won't do it right. At the end of the day no matter how much someone helped you study, the onus is on you to pass the exam.

Handing Lau to a lesser man than Dent would be the equivalent to handing a study book to a loser who can't or won't study and will fail. It's useless.
I just find this to be all around faulty logic. It was a team up between the two. Batman isn't a DA, so he can't legally prosecute criminals, so he needed Harvey. Harvey isn't a vigilante, so he couldn't go outside the law to apprehend Lau. Without one or the other, the mob wouldn't have been taken down.

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