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Default Re: The Bucky Better Hook Up With Black Widow Or I Will Get Angry thread

Natasha's always struck me as a Russian, female Bond for Marvel. Maybe more on the killer side as a Russian, but definitely closer to a covert agent with SHIELD. It makes sense that she would use her feminine assets much in the same manner as Bond, but I don't think she's the type of person to just sleep with whomever. Besides, so far, nothing's been explicitly stated that she and Clint were physically involved in the movieverse. Fans understand that it's likely happened, but it really isn't part of their history until it's actually said or showed on screen. The same sort of approach can be taken with Bucky. I'd say it doesn't have to be explicit with him, either, just acknowledged that there is a history between them and that they were emotionally closer than most fellow operatives.

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