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Default Re: WikiLeaks: Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
KGB trained or influenced operatives wouldn't reveal and say what their motivations are.
What does this even mean? You do know the KGB were dissolved over 25 years ago, right?

I don't know for a fact. But seeing as what those who worked for Assange, the FBI, CIA, and etc. have to say about him and the later for this case. It's one voice against many, I'm more apt to believe the many.

As said, to me Assange isn't a villain just fallible. He's human basically.
Why should we trust the CIA, when these are the ones getting exposed by Assange? Is the CIA suddenly a bastion for truth and justice?

Didn't a little while ago the FBI and James Comey do the same thing Wikileaks was accused of with the Clinton investigation and reopening it right before the election?

So who's fault is it now? Wikileaks or the FBI Kyle?

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