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Default Re: WikiLeaks: Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Why is what wrong?

All I'm saying is him stating as though he knows for a fact "the person who gave me this information was not motivated by Putin" is wrong. There is no way in knowing the motivations of a middle man unless you did it yourself or you can read minds. That's the only thing that is wrong, since if it was a middle man and he can't read minds it's impossible to know for sure the motivations of a second party. What their stated motivations are doesn't need to be the truth, just the truth they want you to believe.

I'd go as far to say, unsure of relations, if Assange is running into trouble with Putin it might even have been an intended double edged sword smear campaign.
Do you have any proof it is wrong beyond your own opinion though?

Consider that FBI was recently accused of making political decisions to tamper with the election with the Clinton investigations.

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