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Default Re: WikiLeaks: Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
What is your point man? Like beyond Assange is flawed and doesn't know blah blah, what is your general problem here?
I already said this countless times and this is the last time I say it.

I see it as wrong coming forward basically saying "the middle man was not motivated by Putin" as though it is a fact. If he didn't do it, there is no fact since he can't read minds. Personally, I would have just released the information without trying to jump into the spotlight. There's a difference between stating one believes a middle man didn't come from such and such and saying as a fact it didn't come from such and such. If one can't read the minds of others it's impossible to know the motives of others as a fact. Last time I state it cause this circle is wearing me down.

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