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Default Re: WikiLeaks: Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Maybe he knows more than you do. He is the founder of Wikileaks.
He knows more but nobody can read minds. Only way he'd know as a fact is if he got the info himself. Otherwise it's reading other people's minds.

Even if he traced it, he'd be up against KGB trained operatives who could have done many things to cover their tracks. Putin could make it look like anybody and even if it came from in-state there's such things as Russian moles, Robert Hanssen being the most famous example (so that as well couldn't be taken for granted as being a fact of not having ties to Putin). Then the question becomes, how much knowledge does Assange personally have in governmental espionage versus those that he's up against in tracking it down. Does he know for a fact he didn't follow the bread crumbs, if he traced it, that Putin had left for him to follow?

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