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Default Re: Which is better: X2 or First Class?

Originally Posted by calibud View Post
I kind of feel like Singer is doing to his own series what he did to Donner's Superman series...ignoring the films he needed to in order to tell a better story. Not that I have any issues with it. Just an observation. There's way too much discontinuity for he and the other writers and producers to have been outright ignorant to it.
Oh absolutely. I love Superman Returns, but when you look back at it, maybe going with a flat out reboot would have been the better way to go as opposed to making a pseudo-sequel to a 30 year old movie. First Class on the other hand really benefits from flat out disregarding the last two X-Men movies and tying it into Singer's X-Men movies.

Honestly, instead of X-Men 4, 20th Century Fox should just develop a new X-Men 3 set ten years after X2. They really have a shot at making the X-Men a great franchise again as opposed to us dreading a mediocre installment after another mediocre installment all while we have the longshot wish of Disney just swooping in and stealing the rights from Fox.

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