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Default Re: Which is better: X2 or First Class?

Originally Posted by calibud View Post
Nice, someone else who likes Superman Returns .
I would hope that later on down the line they develop something to tell Singer's originally intended X3/X4 Phoenix epic. Maybe by then they'll have finished the prequels and can have some better continuity and story nods so that it all weaves together nicely.
I do like Superman Returns.I don't think It's not without It's problems but It works well as sequel to Superman and the Donnor Cut of Superman II.It may have done better If It would have been done In a new contunity but payed homage to Superman and Superman II similar to how Smallville did.The son Idea was not a bad Idea it was just wasn't executed right.I hated kate Bosworth as Lois and say no point In Richard but Bryan handle all the destrucon and Superman saving things well.I liked Superman high in Sky listening to others and the one where Bullet bounced off eye.I really liked
how Kevin Spacey took hackman's Lex and brought more edge to him.

Superman Returns deteractors are die hard Superman comic fans.Critics are more GA enjoyed the film better than them.

Superman Returns showed Bryan had gone better with special effects since X2.If he does another X film as Director(X4 or possibly take over the final part of First Class trilogy In the event Vaughn would only want to do one sequel or would balk of a third film jumping to 1980's) It would be Improve On X2's action and special effects.

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