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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

"Powerless" was okay, but kinda passable. Nothing special about its features, although there are some nice moments here and there. The Big Three transformations were weird. Dr. Blake and World's Most Wanted Stark references were pretty neat. You really can feel the different atmosphere with Yost and co. gone (even the animation doesn't feel the same). A little bit dull in the moments (the main threat was unimpressive, almost too easy to defeat, just like the MCU version), but all in all - a decent episode.

"There’s a punk rock quality to Peter Parker that’s really irreverent and fun and that’s something that Andrew embodies in a way that we haven’t seen before. Certainly the materials that have come out have a darker sentiment or there’s a darker projection, but we’re very keen on staying loyal to the humor of Spider-Man."
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