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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Laziness is rushing.. Here's an equation that has proven true over and over again in life: Laziness + Rushing = Cutting Corners/ Fail.
The responsibility of a writer to finely craft a story in a cohesive manner for readers. When you "rush" (as you've put it) and cut corners (i.e. the aforementioned Storm/T'Challa engagement), elements of that cohesion is lost. The end product is damaged as a result.

We are discussing those results.
Laziness plus rushing = cutting corners. But mathematically, that doesn't mean that laziness = rushing. I agree that the rushing had an adverse effect on the comics, but when people take an effect, and then presumptively extrapolate an attitude from that, I usually say something. I don't think that's taking to task, its just a small nitpick that has nothing to do with the rest of your post.

It is fine that you believe he did a great job. There are no doubt many that agree with you. However, that is your opinion.

I, however, am not going to disregard your summation of his run the way you've done mine. Nor will I insult your intelligence by equating it to dishonesty. Instead, I'm going to let you reread what you've posted above and give you a moment to think about your "approach".
I didn't disregard your summation of his run. He did indeed take a non-introspective (shallow) commercial approach, and he did in fact do a great job with it - based on the idea that a storyteller who is entertaining and relevant is doing their job. And I was correct that saying he's the worst writer ever is not a reasonable statement - which is possibly why you took it back. Also, I think I'm being quite rational and reasonable, so if there's something in my approach that is offensive, be specific and let me know.

Originally Posted by Spider‐Man View Post
Ok, where did anyone complain of T'challa being cooler than they would have liked? Again, just a silly statement. What you meant was they complained about something that you thought was cool, therefore, since 'they' didn't like it, they had to be complaining about it being cooler than they would have liked, rather than just complaining that they didn't think it was cool. See how that implies that your opinion is more than it really is?

And success is subjective. Is a four year run successful compared to an 8 year run? Is a series that ranks near the bottom in sales results a success? Your assumption that something is largely agreeable is based on your own opinion. I say LS wins that round because if that series was so great and successful, why did it end?
Well, it ended cuz Hudlin had some crazy idea to do a new series with Shuri. The complaint, as i understand, was that T'challa used too much slang. Perhaps 'hip' or 'hood' would be a better assessment of the complaint.

I mean, I see what you guys are saying in that everything is subjective, but if we can't presume some sort of agreement on certain terms: ie a comic that is not cancelled is successful, then having a discussion becomes pretty much impossible, afaik. It's one thing if it has to be defended, but if I have to say "Spider-Man is successful in my opinion" because some people disagree with me, I'm probably just going to end up teeing off a bunch of people because I choose not to explain things in such an obtuse way.

And beyond the truly subjective, some of the statements given, that Hudlin is a bad writer because his Panther is inspired by P. Diddy... that just doesn't follow logically.

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