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Default Re: How should they handle Wolverine in this movie? (if he had to be in it..)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I think Blink will transport him,Kitty,herself,and possibly Xavier to 1973.
Why would wolverine need to be the time traveler though? are we saying the time travelers will get more screentime then the other future Xmen? but then why are there so many future cast?, if the film switches back and forth then it seems like wolverine will get the same amount of screentime either way, but if we are saying once they go to the past we don't see no more of the future then i still have to ask why are there so many of the future cast to give screentime too

Wolverine could stay in the future and fight sentinals, pehaps better off then being in the 70s doing.. whatever, its not gonna be anything new for him after all we seen him in a bar in the 60s so doesn't seem like anything really special for him to do.

it seems like your saying his the most loved Xman so he will be the time traveler, not that it there is anything there for him.

if it turns out once they go to the past we see no more of the future stuff then im guessing there will be more then 3 time travelers.

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