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Default Bogus MOS Rumor Memorial Thread

Well, whether you liked the movie or not (I personally loved it) I think one thing we can all laugh about now are some of the rumors that cropped up over the very, very, very long time we had waiting for this movie. While it may be true that some of them weren't just bullsh** and were simply things that wound up on the cutting room floor, that's neither here nor there now. Snyder said that the theatrical version is the director's cut, and if he follows in Nolan's footsteps, we likely won't be getting any deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite bogus Man of Steel rumors. Please feel free to list more.

Joseph Gordon Leavitt would be appearing in the film as John Blake, the new Batman.

Krypton doesn't explode.

Jor-El lives.

Lara survives Krypton's explosion and is the one who pilots the ship that becomes the Fortress of Solitude.

Brainiac appears in the Krypton sequence.

Lex appears in a cameo at the end, played by Michael C. Hall.

Wonder Woman has a cameo.

There is some random Green Lantern Easter egg (can't remember what it was) because Warner Brothers CLEARLY wants to establish that their $300 million tentpole franchise exists in the same universe as their greatest commercial and critical failure.

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