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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Dent's little party at the Penthouse? That's completely different. Rachel was their with him, Bruce's "oldest friend". Or am I just imagining that little speech he had (that even his "oldest friend" didn't find the least bit sincere)? You can easily say he threw it because Dent is his dear friend Rachel's boyfriend.

Wayne also had party for himself at Wayne Manor for all the elite, similar situation. And?

TDKR is telling us that an obnoxious, asinine, billionaire playboy (who created a persona so that nobody would ever deduce that he was Batman) went to an orphanage and visited the children. It wasn't Blake saying, "I saw you on TV man", it was, "St. Swithin's used to be funded by the Wayne Foundation . . . You showed up one day in a cool car, pretty girl on your arm, smilin', we were so excited".

That sort of ruins the whole idea of having a FACADE, doesn't it? Showing that you care. Going to orphans and RELATING to them?

Bruce Wayne has no reason to visit an orphanage as some kind of "orphan mascot", which is exactly what Blake alludes to, it's just silly. Look at Begins, look at The Dark Knight, look at those Gotham Tonight episodes, that's not something the smiling, self-obsessed playboy would do. Now I could see if they developed this in Begins or The Dark Knight, but they didn't. It's came out of no where.

It's also one of those cheap plot contrivances where they throw in a written event that the viewer has to take for granted and doesn't actually see. That is one, Alfred having that yearly visit to Italy looking for Bruce in Begins is another. That's just not natural story telling, it's not. You just don't have a random, undeveloped new comer come up and say "I know who you are because years and years ago, I saw it in your eyes and I feel it in your bones". It's just as bad as Spider-Man 3 with Bernard seeing Spider-Man laying down Norman and "cleaning the wounds from his glider" or "Sandman killing Uncle Ben during Spider-Man".

It's just cheap.

A plot hole is an inconsistency that goes against logic, Bruce Wayne, Billionare Playboy, visiting little orphan Annie's at the miraculous St. Swithin's? Please. It's just wrong. Now I'm sure Wayne has a soft spot for orphans considering he is one but that just reeks to me that he'd do it publicly like . . . visiting them.

Hell, now that I think about it. That might actually have been cool to see if the film SHOWED us a philanthropic Bruce instead of saying "oh, he did this one time, he also helped make a clean energy orb a few years ago". Do you see what I'm getting at? Had that actually been part of the character in the plot, actively showing this and developing it, it would have been brilliant. Maybe have the "playboy" facade slowly die away and he starts becoming more and more like his father Thomas Wayne(since Batman is useless). THAT is compelling. But nope. I mean, it's not enough to completely negate and demolish any need for Batman and ruin that archetype. They do it to Bruce Wayne too!

If Nolan wanted to make a Howard Hughes flick (which he had been wanting to do since 2004), then he should have made a Howard Hughes flick. Not impose itself blatantly on Batman.
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