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Default Re: The Official X-Related Questions and Answers Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
This thread is for any questions related to the X-universe you have. Old, new, doesnt matter. I guess I'll start it off

How the heck did the X-men NOT know Jean was alive till Inferno? She was in X-factor soon after she was resurrected and its not like she kept herself hidden. The only disguise she had on were dark glasses. The premise of X-factor was to pose as mutant bounty hunters. They did press conferences, and were in the media, appearing in ads across town and in the papers. The X-men knew X-factor existed. There was one scene where Magneto saw them in public and was shocked at first to see Jean but then figured that it was Maddie instead. Okay I can get that but what about once Maddie joined up with the X-men and she told them that she hadnt seen Scott in months. Wouldnt that be the first clue that the red head by Scott's side who looks just like Maddie, could be Jean Grey? Can someone explain this?
IIRC, Wolverine did know, he found out Jean was alive in Uncanny X-Men 213 or 214. Storm didn’t find out until Uncanny X-Men 240.

You should also keep in mind that when Jean came back the X-Men were still licking their wounds from their battle with the Marauders, hell a good part of the team were on the injured list. (IIRC)

That's my best guess.

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