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Default Re: HOT!!! New Interview w/ Bryan Singer! (August 20th)

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I just think its weird that you're about to have an X-Flick without Wolverine...and instead of making sure you have characters in it that fans wanna see, you pump it with characters most people dont care for....especially when their last two films were loaded with familiar chracters just to sell tickets.

I won't lie...I'm extremely disappointed. I wanted to see Scott, Jean, and Storm, especially since they didnt get the proper portrayals they deserved. I definetely think this will be the lowest grossing film. They really needed the heavy hitters to make up for no wolverine.
And honestly, I don't really care how Magneto and Xavier got in some divide. I'd rather see the actual X-MEN then sit through 2 hours of them meandering through Xavier and Mag's relationship troubles.

I doubt I'm seeing this. And I'm going to get my friends and family not to see it either.

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