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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the next Iron Man movie

Originally Posted by babykhris View Post
If The Mandarin isn't the villian I got the perfect solution....MODOK

AIM could be a splinter cell of HYDRA and before Iron Man and War Machine (It's obvious he'll be in the film) he could face smaller threats like Blizzard, Ghost and Living Laser.

I would want to see whoever is playing Jessica Jones in AKA Jessica Jones have a cameo to set up that show.
I would prefer to see MODOK in a CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel. He's a difficult character to do properly IMO and not come off as cheesy; he may also be difficult to get accepted because of GL with Hector. He's a bit too out there for an IRON MAN sequel which has so far been a relatively grounded franchise. CAP has already had one out there villain in the RED SKULL so I think it makes sense to keep the such villains in that franchise IMO. Also he plays off CAP nicely as a lab experiment for a powerful mind vs body.

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