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Default Re: State Your Opinion on a Character - Part 1

Basically, Girls is just completely awesome. A really clever, well-done horror comic.

Check this out:

"After a young man named Ethan Daniels is thrown out of the bar in the town of Pennystown, he meets a mysterious naked and injured woman out on the street. He takes her to his home, and after he tries unsuccessfully to get information from her, they have intercourse. He leaves her in his house the next day to report the situation to the local police officer, but they return to find she has laid eggs that hatch into full-grown identical copies of her. The girls attack any other females they come across, forcing the townspeople to hide in a local farmhouse. The situation is complicated by a giant sperm-like monster in a cornfield and the discovery of an enormous reflective dome separating Pennystown from outside aid."


I'd absolutely LOVE this to get a tv series... it'll never happen though. It's far too ****ed up.

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