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I agree. Can we be for sure that that thor and malekith fight is at the end of the movie? Even if not, who's to say they won't film scenes after, that take place before that? See what I mean? Maybe Algrim is "dead" at the time of the thor and malekith fight. And Kurse fights thor somewhere else. Maybe they filmed thor fighting kurse already, but that scene will be inserted deeper into the film possibly?
or Algrim could be doing Malekith's dirty work elsewhere. It's definitely waaayyy too confusing to figure out definitively when that particular fight places in the film at this point. I did wonder if Thor's hair was a bit shorter in those scenes than in the Bourne Woods (if so that might indicate timing) but it's too close to say for sure. Might get more of a clue when a trailer comes out, hopefully.

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