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Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Possibly, but my next question would be if all someone has to do to turn into a "Kurse" type powerful being is use the Cube a certain way then why wouldn't Loki have done that to himself with all his knowledge of it, to make himself powerful enough to not only take over the Earth, defeat Thor and the Avengers, and at least be a strong challenge to Thanos if he were to come after him?
Mmm well in MCU they made it quite clear, that you shouldn't be touching the cube with your bare hand... We all seen what happened with Red Skull when he did it? So im just guessing that the Cube is very unpredictable when someone actually holds it.

So maybe Loki knew the cube can give you more power but he didn't want to risk it, because the cube might not respond as expected..

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