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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Or: they could introduce Scarlet Witch into the MCU to do Scarlet Witch-y things, to take her rightful place in the Avenger pantheon. And introduce Enchantress into the MCU to do Enchantress-y things, to take her rightful place in the Thor rogues' gallery. Like Stan 'n' Jack intended.
Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Yeah, I don't want Enchantress being one of the Avengers when she's meant to be a villainess. I suppose Loki will join the Avengers next in place of Quicksilver? They'll just overlook the fact he tried to kill them all, conquer humanity and destroy all of New York. As long as maybe Cap can nurture a mentoring relationship with him and Enchantress, and maybe they can be part of Cap's new Kooky Quartet.
Yeah, because thats exactly what I meant.
No, actually thats not what I meant at all and I was being sarcastic.
Or was I. You don't know now.
OK, actually what I meant was that she would fill in for Scarlet Witch since she can be in the Avenges and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and Magneto are owned by a different studio and they will most likely never ever ever be in the Avenger. Quicksilver was in Wolverine's movie, Magneto was in all the X-Men films, and the concept of Mutants is owned by another studio. So even if Scarlet Witch could be included, which I doubt she could anyway, she would have to not be a mutant, and not be related to Magneto or Quicksilver. So instead of not having Scarlet Witch at all ever, and never having Tommy and Billy's mother (and possibly not having their story be a possibility) and not having Vision have a relationship with Scarlet Witch, maybe just use Enchantress.

But of coarse Loki would still be Loki. Just he would be the brother figure in her life but still be very Loki. For example, in the story were Billy and Tommy are created, Scarlet Witch brings them to life with her powers and later is manipulated by Quicksilver into doing it again. So Instead of that, Loki uses his powers and manipulates Enchantress into using hers to create Billy and Tommy (the "sons" of Enchantress and Vision). It would be part of one of his evil/trickster schemes. And instead of Vision having no love interest maybe he and Enchantress could meet and fall in love (despite her being a "villain").
I never meant that Loki would join the Avengers, I mean why would Loki (even as a kid) join the Avengers (even Young Avengers)? Kidding.
But seriously. I never meant he would be an Avenger. Just would fill in that sort of arrogant, jerky, manipulative brother part of Quicksilver. Enchantress could be close to him like Scarlet Witch was to Quicksilver, sort of like a brother and sister thing. But only she might join the Avengers at some point perhaps.
The actual Brother type character who joins could be the Executioner.

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