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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Tony Daniel's work is amazing, there are definitely panels though that make his suit REALLY look like armor. I am excited to see their return to krypton story arc. (I am pretty sure that is what they are doing) It will be cool as well to see Tony drawing Superman in that awesome suit shown in Superman #0. If only they would make that the official suit but red and blue.

Its refreshing sometimes to see Superman written in a different way. I would say its almost comical when he is really confident and arrogant. He is powerful and he knows it. Like when he fights Red Hood and the Outlaws and he is pretty much like... Come on guys, seriously. I'm Superman. You don't have a chance, stopping wasting my time. haha. However I do agree that when he comes in charging in Justice League, that is pretty out of character. Attack first ask questions later doesn't seem like Superman. But everyone knows that whenever 2 superheroes meet, they HAVE to fight. its the rules.

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