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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 2

Well, considering Rogue is the first character to get a second thread he/she has somewhat of a point.

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I wouldn't be so sure about that. Isn't Kitty supposed to be incapacitated for, like, half the film. How is that pivotal outside of the one scene where she helps send Logan back.
That's based on Vulture spoilers which may not be true. If we believe them as fact then Rogue actually is a major player as she has a pivotal role in the plot. But we have no idea if those spoilers are true, they could be as a lot of things they said has been proven, but they could have pulled the rest out their butts.

The leaked footage would suggest Kitty isn't incapacitated, at least not so much she's not walking around. The trailer could be misleading though so we still don't know. All we do know is she's the one who sends Logan back and it must be her glowing blue hands in the teaser (I have no clue WTF that's about). Kinberg basically said Kitty is pivotal, who knows for sure about Rogue or Storm. Halle never said she was, and Anna doesn't say anything. That's the problem. We know so little about Rogue's role because she doesn't get shown or talked about. A few seconds of footage is all we can go on. Storm herself all we know is she uses her powers (it's looking good so far) and she has a secret. We're in the dark with them.

Though I do think it's safe to assume they don't have loads of screen minutes based on filming schedules. And that the two characters may not share a scene so something may happen to Storm before Rogue gets there. But that's just speculation based on filming schedules. I really wanted them to have a scene, so I hope the day their timing overlapped they did shoot together. They're the only original girls left.

I'd love both to have amazing action scenes and good emotional material too. I think Singer could give us that even if they don't have loads of screen time. Fingers crossed.

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